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June 24, 2014

TLMOS becomes a member of the Mexican National Association of
Chemical Producers (ANIQ)

After several years of working together with the ANIQ.jpg Mexican National Association of Chemical Producers (ANIQ) as special guests, we finally convinced them of formally acknowledging Third Party Logistics Suppliers (3PL's) as an entity capable of becoming ANIQ members.
Previous to this achievement, ANIQ only allowed as members chemical producers, chemical distributors or chemical transportation companies, but excluded all other entities involved in the chemical supply chain such as: Transloading companies, packaging companies, warehousing companies, custom brokers, etc.
For years TLMOS participated as special guest/consultant in ANIQ's Logistics and Transportation committee presided by Mr. David Estrada. During all those years, TLMOS consistently lobbied from this position to make the chemical industry aware of the importance of including 3PL's involved in their supply chain, in the full chemical industry values and principles movement the association stands for.
Finally in late 2013, after a long process and cumbersome process, the necessary changes were completed and the final membership contract was prepared.
The solution designed by the corporate lawyers was to allow 3PL's to become members of SETIQ (ANIQ's Emergency Response coordination entity) which incorporates all logistics suppliers: 3PL's and transportation companies.
Honoring our commitment with the chemical industry's principles and values, in early 2014, TLMOS officially became the first 3PL to become a member of SETIQ/ANIQ.
Among many other benefits, this membership allows TLMOS direct access to the Responsible Care initiative, which in its 34 operational practices includes concepts of: Quality, Security, Product Safety, Personnel Safety, Environmental protection, sustainability and Community awareness.
TLMOS commitment is to be fully certified in Responsible Care by the end of 2014.

We want to thank everyone in ANIQ for their support during all these years.
We want to express our special appreciation to Miguel Benedetto,
David Estrada and Guillermo Vega, for believing in us and
allowing us to participated with them.




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